PCI PIN Security

General information on PCI PIN Security 

The PCI PIN Security Standard is a document with additional VISA requirements, which defines technical and procedural controls designed to assist in the secure management, processing and transmission of cardholder PIN data when processing payment card transactions online and offline at ATMs and POS terminals.

Who is required to have a PCI PIN Security audit? 

The PCI PIN Security Standard applies to all organizations and acquiring agents (e.g., key entry organizations and certificate processors) that are responsible for processing PIN transactions.

How often do you need to recertify? 

PCI PIN Security certification must be renewed biennially.

Results of PCI PIN Security compliance certification 

    Updated regulatory documents in the IS sector
    A completed and validated Report on Compliance (RoC) and Attestation of Compliance (AoC)
    A PCI PIN Security Compliance Certificate

 Stages of service provision 

  • Preparation

     Preparation for a certification audit includes a preliminary audit to determine the current state and provide recommendations for bringing processes, technical means and regulatory documents into compliance with PCI PIN Security requirements.

  • Certification

     1. Collection and analysis of organizational and regulatory documents
    2. Analysis of processes related to the life cycle of PINs and key management processes
    3. A compliance audit of the client’s system components according to PCI PIN Security requirements:
    ● Interviewing client employees (third-party, if necessary) within the audit procedure
    ● Analysis of the client’s PCI PIN Security system component settings and configurations
    ● Assembling an evidence base for the client’s compliance with the PCI PIN Security requirements
    4. Development of reporting documents for acquiring banks and International Payment Systems, Report on Compliance (RoC), as well as Attestation of Compliance (AoC)
    5. Sending the AoC by the consultant to the VISA international payment system to confirm successful completion of the PIN Security audit by the client
    6. Issuance of a PCI PIN Security compliance certificate (in the event of full compliance with PCI PIN Security requirements)

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