Development of information security regulatory documentation

General information about information security regulatory documentation 

Information security regulatory documentation is a set of descriptive documents (policies) and control procedures (regulations, procedures, standards, etc.), which describe and define measures to ensure and maintain information security in an organization.

Who needs information security regulatory documentation? 

Everyone. It is not enough to implement information security technologies; policies, methods, regulations, and instructions aimed at maintaining these technologies are also necessary. Moreover, information security technologies alone do not solve all cybersecurity problems in an organization. There is always the human factor, the impact of which can be mitigated by well-developed information security regulatory documentation.

Development of information security regulatory documentation includes: 

In developing information security regulatory documentation, our specialists are particularly guided by the advanced requirements of ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SWIFT CSCF, and NIST standards.

    Analysis of the customer’s existing processes and technologies.
    Development of a general information security policy.
    Adaptation of the customer’s existing regulatory documents to meet the requirements/descriptions set out in the general information security policy.
    Development of missing policies in accordance with the requirements of customer regulatory standards (ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SWIFT CSCF, etc.).
    Development of control procedures (regulations, procedures, standards, etc.).

The IT Specialist company has extensive experience in developing information security regulatory documentation

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