Full range of services for PCI DSS certification

Full range of services for PCI DSS certification

8 steps for the PCI DSS certification

The PCI DSS standard is a set of requirements for ensuring the security of data on payment card holders that are stored, transmitted and processed in the information infrastructures of organizations.

The main objective of the PCI DSS standard is to ensure the security of the network infrastructure and the protection of data on payment card holders. These data are hunted by attackers in order to steal money. That is why the PCI DSS standard focuses on ensuring the confidentiality of card data.

The requirements of the PCI DSS standard apply to trade enterprises, banks, providers of various services and services, retail stores, call centers, payment gateways and other enterprises and organizations whose activities are related to the processing, transmission and storage of data on payment card holders.

Eight steps are required to obtain PCI DSS certification:



Previously you need to fill in the questionnaire for selecting and evaluating the certification procedure. It helps our specialists to understand what exactly you need and to determine the certification cost. The first step results are as follows: selected PCI DSS certification procedure, final price, stages and timescales.



To undergo certification according to the PCI DSS standard requirements, you must sign an Agreement between your company and the IT Specialist LLC. After signing the Agreement, you need to make an advance payment in the amount of 50% of the total amount to the current account of IT Specialist.


Technical analysis

Specialists and technical experts carry out the preliminary technical analysis. It includes many different activities. As a result, you receive a detailed report which contains a list of non-compliances with the PCI DSS standard requirements. The report will also provide recommendations for their elimination.


Elimination of all non-compliances

There is an elimination of all non-compliances mentioned in the report. It is conducted in close coordination between your and our specialists. A flexible schedule of mutual cooperation will be developed for convenience.


Certification audit

At this stage we have a final check or certification audit. In fact, this is the final checkout for compliance with all the PCI DSS standard requirements. According to the results, your company receives the detailed electronic report and certificate confirming compliance with all the PCI DSS standard requirements.



There is an official registration of your PCI DSS certificate by an authorized auditor. Your company pays the remaining 50% of the total amount specified in the Agreement.



You receive a certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS standard in paper form with the ink stamps and signatures. You can receive the certificate in the company office, or it can be delivered to your office by express delivery service.


Further cooperation

Your PCI DSS certificate is valid for 12 months. After 10 months, i.e. 2 months before the expiry date, you need to contact us to renew your PCI DSS certificate for the next year. When you reapply, the procedure is simplified. And cost of the company’s services is significantly reduced.