8 steps to PCI DSS certification

PCI DSS is a set of requirements to ensure the security of cardholder data stored, transmitted and processed in company information infrastructures.

The main objective of the PCI DSS is to secure network infrastructure and protect cardholder data. This data is sought by malevolent intruders to steal money. That is why PCI DSS is focused on card data privacy.

The PCI DSS requirements apply to merchants, banks, various service providers, retail stores, call centers, payment gateways and other businesses and organizations which process, transmit and store cardholder data.

To obtain a PCI DSS certificate, you should follow these eight steps:


Certification Form

First, fill out a Certification Form to choose and evaluate the certification procedure. This will help our experts understand your specific needs as well as estimate the certification costs. 
The result of the first step is selecting a PCI DSS certification procedure, the final price, and the phases and requirements for completion.



To be certified according to PCI DSS, your company needs to sign a contract with IT Specialist.

Once the contract is signed, you should make a prepayment equal to 50% of the total amount to the bank account of IT Specialist.


Technical analysis

Our professionals and technical experts will perform a preliminary technical analysis. 
Technical analysis includes many different activities. At the end, you’ll receive a detailed report. This report contains a list of nonconformities with the PCI DSS requirements. It will also provide elimination recommendations.


Elimination of nonconformities

Elimination of all nonconformities mentioned in the report. This should be done in close cooperation between experts in your company and ours. A flexible schedule of mutual cooperation will be developed for convenient completion of this phase.


Certification audit

At this stage, the final verification or certification audit will be performed. This is the final check for compliance with all PCI DSS requirements. 
Based on these audit results, your company will receive a detailed report in soft copy and a certificate of compliance with all PCI DSS requirements.



This step enables official completion of your PCI DSS certificate by a certified auditor. Your company will pay the remaining 50% of the total amount stipulated in the contract.



You will receive a hard copy of your PCI DSS compliance certificate bearing rubber stamps and wet signatures. You can pick up your certificate in our office (IT Specialist) or it will be delivered to your office by means of expedited shipping.


Further cooperation

Your PCI DSS certificate will be valid for 12 months. After 10 months, i.e., 2 months before the expiration date, you need to contact us to renew your PCI DSS certificate for the next year. The renewal procedure will be simplified and the service cost will be reduced.

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