General information on SWIFT 

The SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP) is designed for SWIFT and its users to work together to improve the overall security of the financial ecosystem.
The CSP defines a set of common security controls called the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) to help customers protect their local environments and create a more secure financial ecosystem.
The SWIFT User Security Concept (CSCF) includes mandatory and recommended controls for SWIFT users. 

Who needs to undergo an external independent SWIFT assessment? 

From 2021, all users of the SWIFT community must undergo an external independent assessment. The type of SWIFT connection architecture determines the controls specified in the SWIFT CSP to be applied to the organization. 

How often do you need to undergo an external independent SWIFT assessment? 

External independent assessment SWIFT CSP must be performed biennially or annually after significant changes have been made to the SWIFT IT architecture.

Results of the SWIFT compliance assessment 

    A report in SWIFT format on performing the controls specified in the Customer Security Controls Framework
    A letter signed by the auditor on the completion of the external independent assessment

 Stages of service provision 

  • Preparation

    Preparation for the external independent assessment includes a preliminary audit to determine the current state and provide recommendations for bringing processes, technical means and regulatory documents into compliance with the Customer Security Controls Framework.

  • SWIFT external independent assessment and consulting support

     1. Analysis, systematization and refinement of initial data on the SWIFT hardware and software complex components
    2. Definition and approval of the audit scope
    3. Identification of all third parties involved in or affecting the security of the SWIFT hardware and software complex
    4. Compliance analysis of current bank regulatory and administrative infosecurity documents (policies, regulations and instructions) required by the Customer Security Controls Framework and provision of consulting support in creating missing documents
    5. Interviewing bank employees (third-party, if necessary) within the audit procedure
    6. Analysis of complex SWIFT hardware and software settings, analysis of the composition and characteristics of hardware and software for information transmission and security
    7. Verbal and written consulting by phone and e-mail
    8. Assembling an evidence base for compliance of SWIFT system components with the controls specified in the Customer Security Controls Framework

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