ASV scanning

General information about ASV scanning 

ASV scanning is a specialized external vulnerability detection scan. External scanning examines applications, systems, devices, or networks for potential security vulnerabilities. Unlike a normal external vulnerability scan, ASV scanning is conducted exclusively by a PCI SSC consortium-approved company and involves additional requirements for the scanning process, vulnerability assessment, and report format (see this document for more information).

Who needs to carry out ASV scanning? 

All organizations that have (or plan to have) PCI DSS certification (requirement 11.2.2).

How often should I perform ASV scanning? 

ASV scanning should be performed at least once a quarter or in the event of significant changes in the architecture, infrastructure, or network of an organization.

The ASV scanning service includes: 

    An annual scanning subscription.
    Network scanning every 90 days by our specialist.
    ASV reports on each scan.
    Advice on fixing vulnerabilities.
    Repeat scanning by a specialist after fixing the identified vulnerabilities.
    An unlimited number of scans until the customer receives a report with the Conforms status (during scanner subscription validity).

The IT Specialist company is a certified provider of ASV scanning services

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