NIST Cyber Security Framework

General information on the NIST Cyber Security Framework 

The NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) is a framework standard of the U.S. National Institute of Standards (NIST). This standard outlines the approach to understanding, assessing, planning, and implementing cybersecurity functions for critical infrastructure entities.

Who is required to have a NIST CSF audit? 

NIST CSF is optional to implement. But if a company wishes to demonstrate its infosecurity commitment or improve its current state of cybersecurity, a compliance audit will help to clearly understand, plan and prioritize the necessary steps to achieve a reliable level of cybersecurity.

This standard is the basis for assessing the state of cybersecurity within the projects carried out under USAID projects in Ukraine.

Results of an audit project and cybersecurity system diagnostics for NIST CSF compliance 

    A completed report on the current state of cybersecurity, including evaluation of the degree of implementation for each standard control 
    Formulating a target cybersecurity level and compiled cybersecurity target profile 
    Recommendations for achieving the target cybersecurity level
    Creation of a 1-3 year roadmap of cybersecurity projects to achieve the target level

 Stages of service provision 

  •  Diagnostic audit and assessment of the current state of cybersecurity for each NIST CSF control

  • Identification and justification of a target cybersecurity level

  •  Development and consideration of recommendations to improve cybersecurity

  •  Development of a project roadmap to achieve the target cybersecurity level

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