Full range of services for PCI DSS certification

Full range of services for PCI DSS certification

Our team


Anatolii Zhuravliov

Head of Audit and Payment System Certification Department

PCI DSS auditor, certified infosecurity specialist, IT engineer with 15 years of experience

PCI DSS certification is not only the issued document, but also a guarantee that an organization is concerned about its customers in the context of IT security.

My goal is to help improve the overall IT security level in an organization and help its customers in present tough times, when cyberthreats are incredibly complex, dangerous and affect literally everyone.


Dmytro Petrashchuk

Business Development Manager

Certified PCI DSS auditor, ISO 27001 auditor, information security professional with 20 years of experience, trainer, consultant

In my opinion, certification according to cybersecurity standards, such as PCI DSS, is an important step in the development of any business. The modern world puts forward very high demands on all market participants, and only those companies that are ready to adhere to high quality and safety standards and be a model for others deserve the honorary title of leader in their industry.
The goal of our project is to show that certification is simple and profitable.


Andrii Panasyuk

Head of security analysis department

Certified white hacker, pentest specialist, vulnerability researcher of IT systems with 10 years of experience

For me, PCI DSS certification is a confidence in the proper level of security of an organization that could pass it.

Information systems of such organizations are resistant to cyber-attacks, as they are subject to mandatory testing for penetration in the framework of obtaining a certificate.


Olena Priymak

Project manager

Project Management Specialist with 10 years of experience

Passing the PCI DSS certification for an organization is a confirmation of the level of awareness in the field of IT security, care for its customers and end users. Our task is to provide maximum assistance and advice on compliance with the PCI DSS standard, taking into account the requirements of the internal regulator, providing a comprehensive package of services for obtaining a PCI DSS compliance certificate.


Evgenia Kolomiets

Project Manager

PCI DSS project management specialist with 5 years of experience

The benefits of obtaining a PCI DSS certificate are, first of all, the protection of confidential data and the reduction of reputational risks. Compliance with PCI DSS requirements is an opportunity to support your clients on your own without resorting to the help of third parties, as well as to be more flexible and quickly adapt to new market challenges.
My task is to create all the conditions for the project to be successful and the client to be satisfied.


Dmytro Rabchun

Lead Security Assessor

Certified ethical hacker, pentest specialist, information security professional with 5 years of experience

PCI DSS certification allows companies to systematize knowledge about their own IT infrastructure, its security status and data flows.
Successful certification confirms that user data is reliably protected, and the information infrastructure will successfully withstand a wide range of cyber attacks.


Oleksandr Kuberskyi

Project Lead Marketer

Business Consultant, Certified Psychologist, Certified Coach

When I was working on the marketing strategy of the GetPCI project, I realized how important security is when using bank cards.
My goal is to communicate the importance of PCI DSS certification in a simple and accessible language to as many people as possible, working in various business sectors.


Maryna Liashenko

Digital Marketing Specialist

Marketer, editor, website developer

Among GetPCI services, at a minimum, PCI DSS compliance is required by most businesses around the world. It is like insurance that can save not only the company, but also its customers. The more companies that have the appropriate certificates, the safer it will be for everyone to use services at the digital level.