Full range of services for PCI DSS certification

Full range of services for PCI DSS certification

Our team


Anatolii Zhuravliov

Head of Audit and Payment System Certification Department
PCI DSS auditor, certified infosecurity specialist, IT engineer with 10 years of experience.

PCI DSS certification is not only the issued document, but also a guarantee that an organization is concerned about its customers in the context of IT security.

My goal is to help improve the overall IT security level in an organization and help its customers in present tough times, when cyberthreats are incredibly complex, dangerous and affect literally everyone.


Dmytro Petrashchuk

GetPCI project head manager

Certified PCI DSS auditor, ISO 27001 auditor, information security professional with 15 years of experience, trainer, speaker, consultant

I strive for the payment card data protection approaches, that are recommended by the PCI DSS standard, to be applied to all companies, regardless of their size and the fact whether they process card data or not. After all, its demands are versatile, as practical as possible. They are consistent with the prevalent practice and tested over time.

Every company, which concerns about the business safety and data confidentiality in the modern world of high technology and information, should take these simple and effective recommendations on board.


Andrii Panasyuk

Head of the pentest department

Certified white hacker, pentest specialist, vulnerability researcher of IT systems.

For me, PCI DSS certification is a confidence in the proper level of security of an organization that could pass it.

Information systems of such organizations are resistant to cyber-attacks, as they are subject to mandatory testing for penetration in the framework of obtaining a certificate.