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Benefits of the PCI DSS certification

Sensitive data protection

In an era of fierce competition, the confidential data leakage can lead to the extremely negative consequences for the business. Compliance with the PCI DSS standard can significantly minimize the risks

Compliance with the international standards

The PCI DSS standard is common in all EU countries and necessary for legitimate business conduct

Reducing the reputational risks

The security of information and customer money is directly related to the company’s reputation. If, due to negligence, a customer loses his money, the company’s reputation suffers first of all because company was the one who allowed this to happen due to a non-compliance with PCI DSS standard

The average data theft loss


Companies suffered from burglary

The maximum penalty for the PCI DSS requirements violation

Find out if your company complies with the PCI DSS standard

‘ I strive for the payment card data protection approaches, that are recommended by the PCI DSS standard, to be applied to all companies, regardless of their size and the fact whether they process card data or not. After all, its demands are versatile, as practical as possible. They are consistent with the prevalent practice…

Dmytro Petrashchuk GetPCI project head manager Certified PCI DSS auditor, ISO 27001 auditor, information security professional with 15 years of experience, trainer, speaker, consultant.

‘ PCI DSS certification is not a punishment or torture which was invented by the international payment systems and greedy auditors. This is your chance to get rid of oceans of future troubles, the existence of which you don’t even suspect. ‘

Igor Demchuk IT consultant certified IS manager, PCI DSS auditor, developer of the original solutions.

‘ PCI DSS certification is not only the issued document, but also a guarantee that an organization is concerned about its customers in the context of IT security. My goal is to help improve the overall IT security level in an organization and help its customers in present tough times, when cyberthreats are incredibly complex,…

Anatolii Zhuravlev Head of Audit and Payment System Certification Department. PCI DSS auditor, certified infosecurity specialist, IT engineer with 10 years of experience.

‘ When I was working at the www.getpci.com content, I realized how important the security is when using bank cards. My goal is to tell about the PCI DSS certification in plain language to the wide audience which works in different business sectors. ‘

Oleksandr Kuberskii Get PCI content marketer writer, economist, certified psychologist, certified coach, business consultant, speaker.