PCI DSS certification for restaurants and hotels

PCI DSS certification for restaurants and hotels

Why do cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and other companies, which provide catering services, need the PCI DSS standard certification?

This market sector is called HoReCa. It includes all kinds of hospitality services – catering and hotel industry.

Modern people pay for their morning coffee, business lunch or hotel room by a bank card. It’s very fast and convenient.

We owe this confidence to VISA, MasterCard and other payment systems. They are concerned about the security of cardholder funds and keep a tight rein on all of the e-payment market participants.

In order to ensure the safety of their client money, VISA, MasterCard and other payment systems have developed the PCI DSS security standard.

The primary objectives of the PCI DSS standard are to ensure the network infrastructure security and protect the stored cardholder data, as these are the most soft spots that directly threaten with the confidentiality and money loss.

All participants of the HoReCa business segment intensively accept card payments for their services and products. After all, it’s very convenient for the customers. For example, you can use a payment card to book a hotel room without leaving your home or office, to pay for a lunch at the restaurant, to order a dinner online.

There is only one conclusion: cafes, restaurants, hotels and other participants of the HoReCa business segment, who want to accept card payments, must complete the certification and meet all the PCI DSS standard requirements.

We provide the fast certification for both small and large businesses who work in the HoReCa field.

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