PCI DSS certification for e-commerce

PCI DSS certification for e-commerce

It can be stated that the company is engaged in e-commerce, when a client has made the purchase of a good or service through the website without calling to and visiting the office.

When your company has a certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS standard, your customers should not be afraid of scam for your part and can safely pay for your company’s products and services by the payment cards directly on your website.

Without the PCI DSS certificate, banks won’t provide you with the services for accepting card payments. It means that customers will not be able to pay for your product or service directly on the website, which will inconvenience them and, as a consequence, you may lose some of your customers.

Completing a certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS standard, your company can be connected to the bank payment system without any further problems.

The bank cares about its customer money and its own reputation. Therefore, it requires from the online store to be certified in accordance with the PCI DSS standard.

Security at all monetary movement stages is extremely important for the bank. And only the PCI DSS certificate can guarantee this security.

It opens the door to the world of e-commerce for your company.

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