PCI DSS certification for data centers

PCI DSS certification for data centers

Nowadays big companies try to optimize their expenditures for the infrastructure maintaining and thus transfer their servers to the external data centers.

Data centers are designed for processing, storing and distributing the information. They help large corporations, which are their main customers, to solve their business needs by providing information services.

Data centers host the client servers on their own territory or provide their servers for rent.

Any data center is interested in the steadfast business development and attracting the corporate customers from banking or retail industries. In order to attract such customers, data centers undergo the annual PCI DSS certification.

In this day and age we need a very reliable information protection. If a data center complies with the PCI DSS standard, it means that the information is securely protected.

Such world-renowned data processing centers as AWS (a division of Amazon), Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean have certificates of compliance with the PCI DSS standard. In addition, these companies undergo an annual audit for compliance with this standard.

Having a certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS standard, data centers increase their attractiveness and competitiveness. And the most important thing is they demonstrate their concern for the customers.

Our company invites all data centers to complete certification for compliance with the PCI DSS standard.

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