PCI DSS certification for banks

PCI DSS certification for banks and processing centers

Banks and processing centers are directly connected to the international payment systems (such as Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress).

The payment system market leaders, like Visa and MasterCard, require banks and processing centers to comply with the PCI DSS standard in order to ensure the customer money safety.

The PCI DSS standard is a set of security requirements for the cardholder data that are stored, transmitted and processed in the banks, processing centers and other commercial entities. In fact, banks and processing centers cannot operate without compliance with the PCI DSS standard requirements.

A lot of banks create their own processing but it requires time and considerable funding. Other banks choose the plain sailing; they connect to an external independent processing center that exists on the market.

Obviously, the card data security is extremely important for the processing centers. Processing center security breach can lead to the huge financial losses and diminished public confidence in the card payments. Therefore, the PCI DSS standard requirements must be fulfilled by both banks and processing centers!

The PCI DSS standard requirements are most extensive and strict exactly for the processing centers and banks. 

The e-money payment process constantly requires a special kind of security. Only those organizations that meet all the PCI DSS standard requirements can ensure that security.

IT Specialist has been providing the big banks and processing centers with the preparation services for compliance with the PCI DSS certification for many years. We advise on all issues related to the payment card security. Our clients receive the PCI DSS certificate and a set of documents confirming compliance with all the standard requirements.

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